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1st August 2009


The new Aberfeldy Tartan has been hailed by MSP John Swinney as “a great marketing and promotional tool for Aberfeldy” at its official launch on Friday 31st July 2009.

In a short ceremony accompanied by members of the Robert Wiseman Dairies Vale of Atholl Pipe Band, John Swinney cut the tartan ribbon to open the Tartan Shop in the town’s square, to the delight of over a hundred onlookers. Susan MacDonald then showed him around the shop, together with his colleagues Pete Wishart MP and Councillor Ken Lyall , to view the many tartan goods on sale. Pete Wishart said he thought the new tartan was “absolutely delightful”, while Ken Lyall thought it would “put Aberfeldy on the map internationally, not just locally.”

John Swinney and Pete Wishart, with members of the Robert Wiseman Vale of Atholl Pipe Band, flank Susan, Meg and Kate at the Launch in in the Square

Susan MacDonald and fellow member of Aberfeldy & District Gaelic Choir, Kate Coaton, have arranged the design and marketing of the tartan, as part of a plan to upgrade and improve the image of the choir on stage. For a tartan to be registered, the colours must reflect the area and the traditions it represents – and the colours chosen for the Aberfeldy tartan evoke the watery Tay, the heather and the hills, and the strong association with the Black Watch Regiment. They are tied together with a delicate white stripe, representing the prehistoric ley lines which course the Aberfeldy surroundings and are said by many to be the reason for the area attracting a wealth of creativity and energy.

A range of goods in the new tartan will be on sale at the temporary Tartan Shop in the Square from 10am – 4pm until Saturday 8th August. Aberfeldy tartan goods are also in stock at Haggarts of Aberfeldy, Wade Newsagents, the House of Menzies and Highland Safaris. The tartan material is available from Strathmore Woollens in Forfar, and a website dedicated to sales and promotion of the tartan, is currently under construction.

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Susan MacDonald, Meg Kennedy, Pete Wishart MP, John Swinney MSP, and Kate Coaton at the launch of the new Aberfeldy Tartan

Some of the new Aberfeldy Tartan goods for sale

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