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1st March 2012


Gaelic workshops funded by Clì Gàidhlig

Following on from earlier Gaelic workshops funded by Clì Gàidhlig, Aberfeldy and District Gaelic Choir is piloting a new conversational Gaelic learners course developed by Clì Gàidhlig.

The 10-week course covers topics such as how to obtain services in a shop or restaurant, hobbies and pastimes, time, numbers, directions and being able to give descriptions and uses a variety of methods to deliver the lessons. Eleven members of the choir and 3 members of the public have been attending the course in Aberfeldy.

Clì Gàidhlig aims to promote the learning and national status of Gaelic and provide information on Gaelic and Gaelic affairs. It provides a wide range of courses throughout Scotland for Gaelic speakers at all levels and at times chosen to suit class members. Seonag Anderson, Clì Gàidhlig’s Courses Manager said “We are keen to support the needs of adult learners and are grateful to Aberfeldy and District Gaelic Choir for piloting this new course for us. Clì Gàidhlig would be delighted to hear from other choirs or groups seeking help with Gaelic tutoring.”

John Duff of Aberfeldy and District Gaelic Choir commented “The course covers a wide range of topics and has been very enjoyable. There is no doubt that it has greatly improved our conversational Gaelic abilities.”

Clì Gàidhlig courses can qualify for ILA200 funding through ILA Scotland. Further information can be obtained on the Clì Gàidhlig website.

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Members of Aberfeldy & District Gaelic Choir at the Clì Gàidhlig workshop

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