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18th September 2008

Aberfeldy Bass Wins "Heavenly Builder" Award

Janusz Jolkowicz, a Polish builder and one of Aberfeldy Gaelic Choir's basses, has won a top regional award in the “Heavenly Builder” category of the Federation of Master Builders “Master Builder of the Year 2008” competition.

41-year-old Janusz, who has been living in Aberfeldy for two years, will receive his award at the Scottish Awards Ceremony in St Andrews on 24th October, and will represent Scotland in his category in the national competition, which will be decided in London in November.

The “Heavenly Builder” entrants are nominated by customers who are not only satisfied with the building work, but who are impressed by other qualities shown by their builder. Janusz was nominated for the award by local clients because of his cheeriness, his dedication and his high professional standards.

Scotland’s winners are encouraged to receive their awards in highland dress, which will not be a problem for Janusz as he will wear a kilt made up in the newly-designed Aberfeldy tartan. “I am very happy with my life in Aberfeldy” he says. “It’s a beautiful place, the people are friendly, and there is plenty of good work. And I love singing in the choir, it is fantastic for me. Gaelic for me is not a problem - so many sounds are easy for me because they are like Polish sounds. It is a beautiful language. And the award? – fantastic!”



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Janusz Jolkowicz, Polish builder and Aberfeldy Gaelic Choir bass


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